Chapter 8 discussion

Chapter 8 Discussion We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. This post may contain special links through which we earn a small commission if you make a purchase though your price is the same. What did you all think of this very short chapter on bone broths? After we were done, my son C.

Chapter 8 discussion

Since the final portion of our class period will be spent with students working individually on their computers, we will forgo our typical reading quiz and simply discuss the chapter in our normal student-led fashion.

Questions and answers that should be addressed during this time are attached in the resources section. I anticipate that students will be very involved in our discussion today since the rollercoaster that IS Gatsby is spiraling Chapter 8 discussion While we have been meticulous in evaluating characters' deeper motivations and actions throughout our close-reading and character maps, I have found that the more intense the plot line gets, the fewer students confine themselves to the text to explain the motivations and significance of characters' actions.

Especially during this section where there is supposed ambiguity of Wilson's whereabouts, students love to jump to far-fetched conclusions. Likewise, as the saga of Daisy and Gatsby's past is revealed, students like to place their own feelings over the expressed characters' motivations.

Check out my reflection for more thoughts on Common Core's major shift away from questions that can be answered exclusively from personal perspective or background knowledge and to a text dependent questioning system. Earlier in the year, I gave the students a "pre-test" version of the ACT.

I then analyzed their results using an Excel workbook and delivered them their overall scores, subscores, and a list of their "Top 3" individual skill areas that would benefit from improvement. I always hand-pick these "Top 3" skills based on which skills were most often missed and would generate the highest returns in ACT points if they were mastered, and since the ACT English is filled with comma use issues and eliminating redundancy, these are often the areas that need the most improvement.

In addition to giving students the ability to create their own individual targeted practice, I use the overall results to build in activities that address the most common issues of the whole class. I also use the results to evaluate my own effectiveness in instruction.

Students will have 45 minutes to complete the practice test with their Chromebooks, and they will move on to their homework in the next section as soon as they are finished. Instant English ACT E Grading Workbook Closing 5 minutes When students finish their English ACT, they will get started on their reading homework, which will be to finish the novel and visual character maps before they return to my class.

Chapter 8 discussion

I will suggest but not require that they write down some of their brainstorming in a graphic organizer like the "Gatsby Soundtrack Optional Pre-Writing Template" I've provided in the Resources.

I will also suggest that as they are completing their day-to-day activities like listening to their iPods or driving to school with the radio on, they should jot down or text though NOT while driving!

If they are anything like me, they get stupendous ideas in the car, mowing the lawn, or in line at the grocery store, only to forget them when they go to put them into action! Suggesting a way to overcome this barrier will help them to complete this project with a higher quality.

We will also begin to discuss the end of the novel.Chapter 8. Edit 0 3 0 Tags. No tags Compare and contrast behaviorism with information-processing theory, considering these aspects in your discussion: identification with specific theorists/researchers, learner/environmental influence, observable/nonobservable phenomena, active/passive orientation.

Chapter 8: Discussion. The between-family data in this study are consistent with previous MRI studies in showing that there is a significant correlation between brain size and at . Start studying Chapter 8 Discussion Questions.

Chapter 8 discussion

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Chapter 8 Discussion Introduction This chapter reflects on the main findings of the research in terms of its contributions to: the key issues of the case study, questions raised in the e-commerce literature, the.

Looking for the health implications of a traditional bone broth? Learn more here in our curriculum discussion.

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