How important were lloyd george

His mother was the daughter of David Lloyd, a Baptist minister. His father died in Juneleaving Mrs.

How important were lloyd george

The influence of Gladstonian liberalism declined with the rise of modern liberalism. The split within liberalism led to the rise of modern liberalism within the Liberal Party, and the de-emphasis of what some refer to as "classical" liberalism, which had allegedly been the dominant ideology within the party.

The split within liberalism occurred when many liberals viewed threats to individual liberty arising from sources other than the state, such as from the concentration of money, the amalgamation of power, or in the destitution of the poor, the sick, or the elderly.

Modern liberalism was an ideology which promoted an active government as the best guardian of liberty — both theoretical liberty and effective liberty — through government aid. These investigations helped change attitudes towards the causes of poverty. Booth carried out extensive research into the poor living conditions and poverty experienced in London, whilst Rowntree made a social investigation into the problems experienced by the poor in York.

These investigations provided statistical evidence for genuine moral concern for the poor. They stated How important were lloyd george illness and old age were greater causes of poverty than idleness and moral weakness.

How important were lloyd george

Rowntree was himself a close friend of Lloyd George, after the two met in after Lloyd George became President of the Board of Trade. Rowntree himself hoped that his proposals could influence Liberal policy.

The threat from the emerging Labour Party. Socialism was an increasingly popular ideology.

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If the Liberals did not put forward popular policies, they were in danger of losing votes and handing the House of Commons to the Conservatives.

The trade union movement was growing especially during the period — Unless living conditions were improved, there were genuine concerns that workers may turn to communism or rebellion. The condition of soldiers during the Boer War was considered unacceptable.

The British government had trouble enlisting enough able-bodied recruits to the British army. The emergence of public works schemes set up to improve living conditions which were often run by the Liberals raised the possibility that such schemes could occur on a national scale.

Slum housing was also cleared for new houses to be built. Much of this legislation was left for local authorities to implement — their attitudes affected whether legislation was fully implemented. The Nonconformists who formed a major Liberal constituency, were outraged at the help to their theological enemies, but failed to repeal it.

Beer and liquor consumption fell in half from toin part because there were many new leisure opportunities. However, many local councils ignored this system, as it was not compulsory for them to provide the free meals and the cost to the council was far greater than was subsidised for.

The provision of free school meals was made compulsory inin which year fourteen million meals per school day were served compared with nine million per school day in [11]most of which were free.

Inhalf of all councils in Britain were offering the scheme. The Act of also provided Local Education Authorities with the power to acquire land for constructing new secondary schools, which led to the coming into being of many county and municipal secondary schools.

If working-class pupils passed a scholarship examination, then their fees would be paid for them by the Local Education Authority LEA.

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A quarter of places in most secondary schools would be reserved for scholarship pupils. Bright working-class children were therefore provided with the opportunity to climb "the educational ladder", while for those pupils who failed the scholarship exam, some LEAs had "Central Schools" which provided a practically based curriculum for children between the ages of 11 and It became illegal to sell children tobacco, alcohol and fireworks or to send children begging.

Juvenile courts and borstals were created instead for young offenders so they did not have to stand in adult courts and go to adult prisons for most offences.

However, education authorities largely ignored the provision of free medical treatment for school children. By mid, however, only forty-one local authorities had responded. They were paid 5s a week estimates of the value of this in are difficult to ascertain, the average wage of a labourer being around 30s.David Lloyd George was important because during his lifetime he made several important changes in Britain.

He became Prime Minister in and was Britain's chief delegate to the Paris Peace. Kids learn about the biography of David Lloyd George, At the start of the war, Lloyd George had several important positions in organizing the war effort.

First, he was the minister of munitions. He had five children with his first wife, two of which went into politics and were elected to parliament. David Lloyd George was born in Manchester on 17 January , son of a schoolmaster.

His father died when he was young and his mother took him to Wales to be raised. He became a lifelong Welsh. Alternative Titles: 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, Viscount Gwynedd of Dwyfor Lloyd George held the post for five months, but Robertson as chief of the imperial general staff possessed nearly all the important powers of the war minister.

How important were lloyd george

Lloyd George chafed under these restrictions, the more so. How important were Lloyd George’s own mistakes in explaining his fall from office in ? In , David Lloyd George had appeared to be an influential character within British politics. Lloyd George wanted to make post-war changes, including building a ‘Land Fit for Heroes’.

Lloyd George's budget has been called the 'people's budget' since it provided for social insurance that was to be partly financed by land and income taxes.

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