How to write a song title in mla format

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How to write a song title in mla format

On occasion, you may even find it appropriate to quote from or to cite a song in a paper. Luckily, the Modern Language Association MLA style for citations has a format for citing just about everything -- including songs.

How to Cite

Determine the exact name of the song and the artist s that you are citing. Songs or artists, especially those listed on the Internet, may not be properly named.

Go to the original source -- such as the CD -- or find a reliable site for determining the song and artist name -- such as iTunes.

List the name of the performer s or composer sstarting with the last name of the artist or artists, followed by a period.

how to write a song title in mla format

If you're listing the song "Changes," by David Bowie, you would write: If the artist is a band, list only the band name as it appears on the track -- for example: Follow the artist's name with the name of the song in quotation marks.

Staying with the prior example, you would write: Add the album name, in italics. The name of the album on which the example song "Changes" is found is Hunky Dory. So, Hunky Dory would follow "Changes," in italics.

Also follow this with a period placed within the quotation marks. List the recording label that produced the track along with the date of release, separated by a comma, and followed with a period.

List the format in which you have found the song. Formats include cassette, compact disc, MP3 and others. Finish with a period.

Don't want to cite by hand?

Double-check that you've listed the information properly and in proper format. Your citation should look similar to this complete example: Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.You must change the capitalization of the title to MLA style if you reference the title of a work in your paper.

Marking the Title: There are three possible ways to mark a title: the use of underlining/italics, quotation marks, or no mark at all. Last Name, First Name. “Song Title.” Album Title, Record Company, Release Year.

The full citation might look like this: Sinatra, Frank. “Summer Wind..” Strangers in the Night, Reprise, How to Cite Untitled Works in MLA 8: If a source doesn’t have a title, include the creator of the source and a brief description.

If your instructor has specific requirements for the format of your research paper, check them before preparing your final draft. When you submit your paper, be sure to keep a secure copy. KnightCite is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker for our site. Writing - How to Write a Bibliography - Examples in MLA Style. In-text citations direct the reader to the full citation on the Works Cited list. Ex. When quoting a source in-text, "usually the author's last name and a page reference are enough to identify the source and the specific location from which you borrowed material" (Modern Language Association ).

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