Is it ethical to buy a speech

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Is it ethical to buy a speech

Public Speaking Ethics: What are They and How are they Applied?

A speech can be a powerful tool for many reasons. In many cases, speeches are simply used as a way of telling a story or to deliver a message. These types of speeches can range anywhere from a political debate to a simple sales pitch. In order to best accomplish this, speakers use a variety of arguments and strategies, most of which can be summed up into the three rhetorical appeals: This persona is constructed based on the credentials and reliability of a speaker, and can often be established prior to a speech or presentation in situations where the speaker is widely known to the audience.

Here are 3 easy ways for a speaker to establish a favorable ethos: After all, how are you going to sell someone a product you know nothing about? This includes knowing both sides of an argument and presenting each of them accurately.

Is it ethical to buy a speech

By having this background knowledge the speaker can research their subject matter, and then tailor their message in a way that resonates with that specific audience. In addition, citing credible sources is also a must.

For example, if you were trying to persuade your audience to use a certain pharmaceutical product, and you yourself were not a doctor or pharmacist, you might reference or quote known physicians. Logos may have been a helpful strategy to use in such a situation.

Good Persuasive Topics [Speech or Essay] Newkirk talking about herself and her legacy
Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics It can be difficult to wrap your head around the difference between writing an article for publication and writing a speech to be delivered to a live audience. She blogs at www.

Here are 3 easy ways of using the logical appeal, logos, effectively: The strategy behind logos is not to just to spit out a fact or number and have that be your argument, but rather to use factual or agreed upon information to provide a foundation for your argument. This strategy uses a fact or event that can be compared to the current subject to prove its logic.

However, there are always those individuals who require a completely different approach in order to be persuaded, maybe one with a more personal touch. This is where the emotional appeal known as pathos might be particularly useful.

Is it ethical to buy a speech

There are several ways a speaker can utilize this strategy, some more obvious than others. Here are 3 easy ways a speaker can use the emotional appeal, pathos, effectively: Some of the more obvious examples include speeches or presentations which use visual aids such as images or videos.

In these situations, it is common for such visuals to depict scenes that are meant to invoke a strong emotional response in viewers. For example, an image of an otter covered in oil may be shown to residents along the Gulf Coast to invoke guilt or anger toward big oil companies.

The same response could be achieved through storytellinghowever, visuals are especially useful with a less confident speaker or a more emotionally vulnerable audience.

With a volatile factor like emotion, it is important to know when to use an emotional appeal and when not to. A common way of using this strategy in a more subtle way is by attempting to connect with the audience on a personal level. This technique could also fall into the category of an ethical appeal.

Speakers often use this strategy in situations where there is an obvious divide between speaker and audience, such as age, ethnicity, or financial status. If used effectively, this strategy can create a connection between the two sides in which the audience feels that their beliefs and values are being considered and therefore become emotionally involved.

Ultimately, even though speeches of persuasion are so common, they are often difficult to deliver successfully. Luckily, there are several different strategies that can be used when planning a persuasive speech, most of which are categorized under the three rhetorical appeals: When used effectively these appeals can serve as powerful tools for achieving the goal of persuasion.


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Writing a persuasive essay requires identifying interesting ethical topics, and these options might inspire you to create a powerful and engaging essay, position paper, or speech for your next assignment.

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