Lecturette on naxalism

Screening should be remembered and considered as a filtering process. Only the cream of the crop are filtered who are willingly confident enough to display their skills and knowledge in the SSB.

Lecturette on naxalism

On 18 Maythe Siliguri Kishan Sabha, of which Jangal was the president, declared their support for the movement initiated by Kanu Sanyal, and their readiness to adopt armed struggle to redistribute land to the landless. On 24 May, when a police team arrived to arrest the peasant leaders, it was ambushed by a group of tribals led by Jangal Santhal, and a police inspector was killed in a hail Lecturette on naxalism arrows.

This event encouraged many Santhal tribals and other poor people to join the movement and to start attacking local landlords. Mao Zedong provided ideological leadership for the Naxalbari movement, advocating that Indian peasants and lower class tribals overthrow the government and upper classes by force.

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A separate offshoot from the beginning was the Maoist Communist Centrewhich evolved out of the Dakshin Desh group. The early s saw the spread of Naxalism to almost every state in India, barring Western India. Byit was estimated that around 30 Naxalite groups were active, with a combined membership of 30, If the government could construct a road, the rebels would have lost; if the rebels could continue thwarting road development, the government would have lost.

Majumdar, to entice more students into his organisation, declared that revolutionary warfare was to take place not only in the rural areas as before, but now everywhere and spontaneously.

Thus Majumdar declared an "annihilation line", a dictum that Naxalites should assassinate individual "class enemies" such as landlords, businessmen, university teachers, police officers, politicians of the right and left and others.

The West Bengal police fought back to stop the Naxalites. The house of Somen Mitra, the Congress MLA of Sealdah, was allegedly turned into a torture chamber where Naxals were incarcerated illegally by police and the Congress cadres.

CPI-M cadres were also involved in the "state terror".

Lecturette on naxalism

In Majumdar was arrested by the police and died in Alipore Jail. His death accelerated the fragmentation of the movement. The operation was choreographed in Octoberand Lt.

Importantly, this plan included funding for grass-roots economic development projects in Naxalite-affected areas, as well as increased special police funding for better containment and reduction of Naxalite influence in these areas.

Situation post [ edit ] 6 April: Naxalites launched the most deadly assault in the history of the Naxalite movement by killing 76 security personnel. Despite the Chhattisgarh ambushes, the most recent central government campaign to contain and reduce the militant Naxalite presence appears to be having some success.

Maoist rebels kidnapped two Italians in the eastern Indian state of Odishathe first time Westerners were abducted there. They killed senior party leader Mahendra Karma and Nand Kumar Patel and his son while in the attack another senior party leader Vidya Charan Shukla was severely wounded and later succumbed to death due to his injuries [ edit ] 11 MarchNaxalites in Chhattisgarh ambushed a security team, killing 15 personnel, 11 of whom were from the CRPF.

A civilian was also killed. Naxalite leader Kappu Devaraj from Andhra Pradesh is included in the list of killed in the incident. At least 37 Naxalites were killed by police in a four-hour gun battle on the border between Maharashtra and Chattisgarh.The TAT is popularly known as the picture interpretation technique because it uses a series of provocative yet ambiguous pictures about which the subject is asked to tell a story.

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9. Final Group Task (F.G.T): This is the last task at the S.S.B. Already before this task the G.T.O will down and choose the candidate based on performance in their previous tasks.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The early s saw the spread of Naxalism to almost every state in India, barring Western India. During the s, the movement was fragmented into disputing factions. By , it was estimated that around 30 Naxalite groups were active, with a combined membership of 30, Lecturette test is one of the many psychology tests conducted by SSB psychologists.

SSB interview is the final authority to decide whether a person is fit for becoming an officer in Indian armed forces or not. To test the credibility of a candidate, Services Selection Board conducts number of tests.

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