Person centred counselling case study examples

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Person centred counselling case study examples

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Person Centered Case Conceptualization Essay Sample Abstract Person-centered therapy was developed over the course of approximately 40 years by a man named Carl Rogers.

Rogers believed a person experienced dysfunction when they are unable to experience themselves as the individual they perceive themselves to be. This is a person-centered case study for Melissa Reed who views her ideal self as a mother and wife. A woman who is now on her fifth marriage and has relational discord with her two daughters struggles with a sense of self-worth.

The therapist will attempt to help Melissa progress through therapy at her own pace while working toward congruency between her real self and who she perceives herself to be.

The ultimate goal is for Melissa to experience self-worth through self-actualization and learn to trust herself.

Person centred counselling case study examples

Elements within the case study will bring forth the theological foundation of the Rogerian approach to therapy and whether or not the theoretical approach is compatible with the Christian worldview.

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Melissa is a year-old woman who was born with Cerebral-Palsy, although little physical evidence of the condition is present.

She is in her fifth marriage and has minimal contact with her two daughters from her first marriage. Melissa has opened herself up to therapy in hopes that she will be able to improve her relationship with her daughters. Her daughters have expressed that their step-mother is more of a mother than Melissa will ever be.

Melissa has expressed her desire to be a good mother to her children and how hurt she is at their actions. The daughters have yet to return the desire to have a mother-daughter relationship with Melissa. Presenting Concerns Melissa presents herself as feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in her relationships with her two daughters.

She feels depressed, unloved, and pushed aside. She indicates that her relationship with her daughters is a continual source of contention, worry, anxiety, and unhappiness for her.

Being raised in a Christian home and having raised her daughters in a Christian home with the same values only adds to the hurt. Melissa grew up being taught to honor her parents and she knows that her daughters were taught the same principles even when they were no longer living in her home.

This adds to the confusion and lack of understanding as to the source of the problem. Melissa is beginning to believe that she is the source of the problem.

She thinks there is something wrong with herself because it has taken five marriages to find a man that will love her and her children.

For this reason and because of how her daughters respond to her, Melissa is unable to internalize any sense of worth Murdock,pg. Case Conceptualization Melissa is experiencing incongruity between how she perceives herself and what she is experiencing. The lack of fulfillment, unhappiness, and sense of unworthiness is a symptom of alienation and maladjustment caused by a gap between what Melissa is striving to become and what she is Gladding, pg.

The depression Melissa indicates she feels is a result of viewing herself in a negative light based on the influences of others, in this case her daughters. Treatment Plan Goals for Counseling In order to help Melissa find a balance and congruence with her ideal self and real self, the Person-Centered therapist must create an atmosphere that encourages a sense of safety and trust for Melissa.

Therapy should offer her the opportunity to recognize conditions she has internalized that have caused feelings of unworthiness or conditions that are unrealistic that must be met for her to experience a sense of self-worth. Boontarika Narknisorn provides a list of qualities that person centered therapy can enhance through the goals of the therapy: Interventions Creating a Therapeutic Alliance.

Case Conceptualization Using Person-Centered Therapy

When working with Melissa via the person-centered therapy approach, I would work at creating a strong therapeutic alliance.Applying an Integrated Approach 1 Applying an Integrated Approach to a Case Example: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy Kelli Rodriguez Capella University Applying an Integrated Approach 2 Applying an Intergraded Approach to a Case Example: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy Theory plays an important role in the process and outcome of therapy.

Person Centered Case Conceptualization Essay Sample. Abstract Person-centered therapy was developed over the course of approximately 40 years by .

Keywords: counselling case study essay, person centred research study Background Information Rose, mother to five season old daughter, appears to be well spoken and articulate. – Writing Case Studies – Carl Rogers’ 19 Propositions – Counselling Skills In episode 41 of the Counselling Tutor Podcast, Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly describe how to write a case study.

‘Theory with Rory’ looks at how best to apply the 19 propositions when writing case studies and assignments. Last, the presenters talk. Hazler () explained in terms of assessments used in counseling, “The person-centered approach, in contrast places therapeutic attention on the client’s perception of difficulties, goals, and treatment directions.” (p.

). counseling used in the case. The case summarizes the presenting problem, describes and analyses the counseling provides a synthesis and evaluation.

Person centred counselling case study examples

Presenting Problem and Circumstances of Refferal The subject of this case study is a client called Annette.

She dropped out of school due to pregnancy at the age of I intended to use Person.

Person Centred Counselling Case Study Examples