Where did the story happen in the story how my brother leon brought home a wife

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Where did the story happen in the story how my brother leon brought home a wife

During our most recent trip to Indonesia I asked my boyfriend, Steven, on what made him endure the long flights for days. From NAIA, to fly for another hour to reach our place so he could say hello to my family and guarantee to my mom that we were going to be okay.

Then, from our house to travel to NAIA. The flight did not stop at that. We had another flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on the same day.

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Imagine how exhausting it could have been. It was truly mind blowing. So, I asked him where and how could he stand such hardship and with so much of sleep deprivation. It was an answer that made my blood rush through my veins and got stuck in my cheeks.

Just like what I feel whenever my other half is with me was what I guess Maria and Leon also feel when they are together too. Arguilla, a Filipino writer. The setting was in Nagrebcan, Bauang, La Union where the author of this story was born and the point of view was in the first person with Baldo, the younger brother of Leon as the narrator.

The creativity of Manuel E. Arguilla was evidently shown on how he described the picturesque scenes going to Nagrebcan. Throughout their trip, Manuel Arguilla did not fail to touch my heart with the love between Maria and Leon and I guess all those people who are deeply in love with their partner can relate too.

The short story started with the detailed observation of Baldo toward Maria from her physical features up to the manner she interacts with the people around her and toward her surroundings.

Baldo was filled with curiosity regarding his sister-in-law who was born and raised in the city. The father has some doubts about Maria so he instructed his son, Baldo to pick up the couple with Labang and the cart instead of with a calesa, In addition to that, Baldo drove through the fields up to the rocky bottom of the Waig instead of driving to the Camino Real.

Even from the start, it is undeniable that Maria is a simple and a humble nature woman. When Baldo told her that she could touch Labang, she hesitated for the fear of its horns. However, Labang was very dear to her husband. As I read the story, it was kind of a cute thing the way Maria twisted the name of Leon and call him as Noel instead.

Perhaps, the name Noel is more city-like than Leon. All throughout the trip Baldo witnessed the sweetness of Leon and Maria to one another. Even after they reached their house, he still admires Maria and was hoping to be as lucky as his older brother when it comes to having his own wife.

Maria accompanied Leon in singing the song which for Baldo was something surprising to hear. Before they reached the house, Maria confessed the fear she had in her heart. When the country man met the city-bred woman In love, there will always be setbacks and roadblocks to test how far your love can go.

It is not always a bed of roses and once someone overcome the obstacles and hardships it means that their love is genuine. Amazingly, the seriousness of a person in love is measured on how he or she can brave the storm or hurdles in a relationship. She does everything with all her heart, without pretensions, without hesitations.

In the story, Maria was fascinated on the beauty of Nagrebcan, the simplicity of life.

Where did the story happen in the story how my brother leon brought home a wife

In fact, she was glad that the houses, the buildings, and the noise in the Ermita, Manila where she grew up were not present in Nagrebcan.

She embraced not only her love for Leon but also everyone and everything that Leon loves even she was raised in modernity of the city. She did not think highly of herself and treated everyone with respect.Aug 04,  · How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife.

This interesting story tells about a woman’s struggle as she tries to gain the worthiness needed to be accepted by her husband’s family. How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife (American Colonial Literature) By Manuel E. Arguilla. She stepped down from the carretela of Ca Celin with a quick, delicate grace.

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Sep 21,  · Best Answer: Point-of-View: The story is actually narrated in the first person point-of-view - Leon's brother, Baldo. The reason would probably to show how non-city folks look at city folks (remember how he wonders at little things about Maria, and about his brother).Status: Resolved.

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Review of "How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife," a short story by Manuel E. Arguilla